Welcome to The Vintager SA Online Store

Who is the Vintager?

``I’ve always been curious.” With a background in design and a passion for curating, The Vintager was a natural progression for Amanda Jaffar, a stylist with a unique eye for detail.

In 2015, after 10 years in corporate advertising, she left to pursue the freedom of freelance life, taking on projects which fuelled her passion, sourcing for interior designers and stylists, until finally planting roots in her first bricks and mortar store, The Vintager.

A menagerie of pieces which all have a story to tell, the store name alludes to her eye for collecting, creating and curating, but it’s meaning, ‘to perfect something over time’ is most telling, as she tinkers, recycles, upcycles and rearranges on a daily basis, until she feels she’s got it just right. That is, until another perfect piece crosses her path.

On any given day you’ll find all things old, sometimes weird, but always wonderful in her space and if you’re lucky, you might get her to reel the story of how she finds the piece you’ve been looking for.